Washington County History of Disasters
The Washington County Hazards Analysis and History of Disasters was prepared to assist Washington County Emergency Management in identifying the most likely hazards to affect the county and the potential impact of each disaster.

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Highlights of Washington County's Hazards Analysis and History of Disasters:

Washington County Hazards Analysis

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (ODEM) guidelines for hazard analysis provides a process for use in assessing and evaluating hazards and promotes a common base for performing the analysis by defining criteria and establishing a rating and scoring system. The table below shows the results of the hazard analysis for Washington County.

Disaster History
Maximum Threat
Utility Failure High Medium High High 215
Winter Storm High High High Medium 205
High Wind High High Medium High 190
Tornado High High Medium High 190
Earthquake Low High High Medium 187
Drought High Medium High Medium 180
Extreme Heat High Medium High Medium 180
Flood High Medium Medium High 165
Hailstorm High High Medium Medium 155
Lightning High High Low Medium 115
Dam Failure Low High Medium Low 109
Wildfire High Medium Low Medium 90
Hazardous Material Events High Low Low Medium 70
Urban Fire Medium Low Low Medium 60
Expansive Soil Low Low Low Low 24
* Criteria weighted by value in column title. Values: High 10
Medium 5
Low 1